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Die neuesten UFI Öl- und Dieselfiltermodule für Alfa Romeo Giulia - Plastic body for both filters which reduces weight
- Diesel fuel filter with exclusive Deep Filtration Media (DFM)
- Exclusive products and added value for the aftermarket

Nogarole Rocca, 3 November 2016 - UFI Filters, a world leader in fluid filtration technologies, has secured a major supply contract for the recently launched Alfa Romeo Giulia. UFI oil and diesel modules will be standard equipment on the 2.2l diesel engine on this car and others developed on the same platform.

Luca Betti, Director of the UFI Group Aftermarket Business Unit, says: "We are particularly proud of this important supply contract. Taking this car as a starting point, Alfa Romeo wanted to redefine the standards of the brand by focusing on dedicated technological solutions and latest-generation products and systems, such as the filtration technologies offered by UFI. Moreover, from the beginning of 2017 the aftermarket will also benefit from these important products through UFI and Sofima branded replacement parts, which will bring high added value."


Body in plastic and fibreglass: lightness and stiffness in one product
The oil module supplied for the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which is fitted inside the car's engine bay, is composed of a filter body in plastic reinforced with fibreglass. The first of this type provided by UFI Filters to the FCA group, it allows for a considerable weight reduction compared to similar products in die-cast aluminium. The use of fibreglass is essential to ensuring the structural strength of the filter, allowing it to handle operating pressures of up to 7-8 bar.

DThe filter media: maximum efficiency
The filter element for this Alfa Romeo Giulia oil module is made from a metal-free cellulose media which is bonded using ultrasound, a process which improves the seal even when exposed to extreme pressures and temperatures. The filtration efficiency of 50%@12μ is in line with the new Euro 6 requirements and the filter media is fully recyclable, further confirming the commitment of UFI Filters to reducing the environmental impact of its products.

The complete module: everything in one
The oil module supplied for the Alfa Romeo Giulia is equipped with a heat exchanger, temperature and oil pressure sensors located near the oil pipe at the base of the heat exchanger, an anti-drain valve and a bypass valve.


Filtering media: exclusive DFM (Deep Filtration media)Once again, the Deep Filtration Media (DFM) is at the heart of the UFI diesel fuel filter. This exclusive design, developed by UFI's Innovation Centers, contains polyamide in the form of fibres, with the size and orientation varying with the application, thus ensuring a custom- made product to meet the specific needs of the car maker. The filtration process ends with the "last chance" stage which in the event of a cold start filters the diesel fuel when the pressure regulator valve opens. The efficiency of the diesel filter provided for the Alfa Romeo Giulia is > 90%@4μm, in line with Euro 6 legislation requirements.

The complete module: body screwed into plastic, lightweight, quick and easy to serviceThe complete diesel fuel module for the Alfa Romeo Giulia, positioned near the fuel tank, is made entirely of plastic and is composed of a main body with a screwed cap. This element was the result of a complex design process which has led to a reduction in components, with consequent weight savings. The cap screwed to the main body of the module removes the need to use several screws in order to close the filter, making service operations on the filter quick and easy for the mechanic. In addition to the plastic body and the filter media, the complete filter module also includes the Group Sensor with integrated electrical-electronic devices. These devices measure the temperature of the fuel, heat it in cool conditions and indicate the water levels in the collection chamber. A water and fuel bleed screw is positioned at the base of the lower cap for service operations while the main body of the filter has connectors for the entry and exit of diesel. A pressure regulator valve is located on the cartridge, the innovative positioning of which is protected by patent.


Oil and diesel filter cartridges for the Alfa Romeo Giulia will be available to aftermarket customers from the first quarter of 2017 in UFI and Sofima-branded products, the first of these to appear on the market. This is further confirmation of the company's increasing focus on providing aftermarket customers with replacement parts at the moment they are released as OE products, offering UFI aftermarket suppliers a real competitive advantage. For more information about UFI Filters and UFI and Sofima brand products, go to www.ufi-aftermarket.com and http://www.sofima-aftermarket.com

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