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    UFI FILTERS Group's management, technical and commercial offices are settled in Italy, Nogarole Rocca, in the province of Verona.
    Today UFI FILTERS was born on 1972 in Italy, Nogarole Rocca, in the province of Verona.

Gen 2 Plus di UFI Filters - Twin patented filter element and newly formulated media DFM with depth septum
- Two-stage filtering process within a single unit
- Novel “inside to outside" direction of fuel flow within the module

Frankfurt, 13th September 2016 - UFI Filters, a world leader in the technologies linked to fluid filtering, has chosen Automechanika Frankfurt to show off its most recent innovation for diesel filtering – the complete Gen 2 Plus module.

Gen 2 Plus, developed for the FCA Group, is an OE item fitted on the new Fiat Tipo and, in the future, on other Group vehicles equipped with an innovative low pressure pump. One single unit combining a series of technological solutions that guarantee 96% filtering of particles up to 4µm, without compromising engine efficiency in any way.

The Gen 2 Plus filter designed by UFI Filters meets the increasingly demanding needs of the common rail diesel engines distinguished by lower emission levels and enhanced efficiency. In short, they not only satisfy but even exceed the requisites of the Euro 6 Standard. To reach these goals, the injection pump produces much higher pressure levels than in the past and the injection nozzles are now extremely fine. In this context, even the tiniest impurities and drops of water can cause serious damage to the system. In addition, the filtering module design takes into account the various types of fuel in use around the world, even the “dirty” ones or those with a high bio-diesel content that offer further challenges for the filtering system.

Luca Betti, Director of the Aftermarket Business Unit of UFI Group, says: “UFI Filters has been supplying the manufacturers with innovative products since 1999, to meet the needs of common rail engines. With Gen 2 Plus, the fourth generation of diesel filters with water separation, we've taken a definite leap forward in the definition of new standards. And this is just one of the projects that UFI is working on with regards OE diesel filtering; many of them will come out over the next two years.”

THE FILTERING ELEMENT: 2-stage filtering with a tailor-made depth septum

The innovative, complete filtering element includes various multi-purpose devices, with a pressure regulating valve and a plastic cover on the upper part containing a flat mesh grille. The valve and cover are both patented. The DFM (Deep Filtration Media) has been developed internally. It's based on an exclusive formula including a base of polyamide, distributed in the form of fibres to improve the filtering efficiency. The main innovation lies in the possibility to alter the DFM formula for each application, allowing the company to offer specific products for the varying needs of each individual OEM customer. Within the DFM, the diesel flows from the inside to the outside, making it easier to replace the cartridge and eliminating the need for a seal gasket. The medium is characterised by a progressive porosity depth septum. This removes the impurities and, thanks to a phenomenon known as coalescence, ensures that the water particles combine to form larger elements that then fall - by the force of gravity - into a water accumulation chamber. During the second filtering stage, the fuel passes through a very fine hydrophobic grille that entirely covers the DFM, blocking any water residue still remaining in the diesel. The filtering process is completed by what is called the “last chance” phase, which filters the diesel when the pressure adjuster valve opens for cold starts.

THE MODULE: maximum integration and compactness

The complete Gen 2 Plus module for diesel filtering, designed by UFI Filters, combines the filtering element, metal housing and cover in a single compact structure. The steel housing is made via a cold metal sheet moulding process that guarantees greater mechanical resistance in the event of a crash. The aluminium cover unites: two connectors for diesel inlet and outlet, one water drainage screw for maintenance and one connector housing an electronic component with triple function (fuel temperature sensor, heater in the event of cold weather, and water detection sensor). In addition, the entire module is designed to ensure easy access to the engine compartment and quick cartridge replacement operations (removing just 6 screws).

OE technology for the AM

UFI Filters will be the first company to enter the independent spare parts market with the filtering cartridge of the complete Gen 2 Plus module (in the first months of 2017), under the brand names of both UFI and Sofima. As this is an exclusive product with a twin patent, it offers a real competitive advantage for the UFI and Sofima aftermarket distributors. For more information, go to www.ufi-aftermarket.com and www.sofima-aftermarket.com

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