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    UFI FILTERS Group's management, technical and commercial offices are settled in Italy, Nogarole Rocca, in the province of Verona.
    Today UFI FILTERS was born on 1972 in Italy, Nogarole Rocca, in the province of Verona.

ufi_diesel_filter_vw_crafter- A high-efficiency diesel filter, available in two versions to cope with variations in the fuel available in different markets
- A laser-welded "plug-and-play" solution in extruded aluminium to achieve optimum seal performance
- Codes to be launched in the aftermarket from the first half of 2018, a first in the independent market

Nogarole Rocca (VR), 6 September 2017 - UFI Filters, a world leader in fluid filtration technology, renews its partnership with Volkswagen with the production of a high-efficiency diesel filter for Europe's "Van of the Year 2017", the VW Crafter 2.0 TDI Euro 6. The filter will be available for the entire range of engine power output options currently available: 75 kW, 103 kW and 130 kW.

UFI Filters has developed two different types of diesel filter for Volkswagen's new "Light duty vehicle". While the two filter bodies are very similar, they are equipped with cartridges which differ in both filter media and dimensions and which have been designed to cope with significant differences in fuel quality in the different markets in which the Crafter sells.

For markets where the fuel available is particularly dirty or contains high concentrations of biodiesel, the "Water Separation" filter features a fully synthetic three-stage filter medium. The first two stages are compacted to create a pleated medium, with the first stage functioning as a barrier against water and particles and a second, finer filtration layer encouraging water coalescence. The third stage is composed of a highly-efficient hydrophobic mesh, capable of capturing any residual water left in the fuel. The UFI "Water Separation" filter is also distinguished by a water presence sensor and a patented water bleed system integrated within the cartridge. It boasts a filtration efficiency of 96% for particles larger than or equal to 4 μm. Water separation is greater than 93%, even with biodiesel percentages of up to B30 (30% biodiesel content).
For markets where cleaner fuel is available with a low biodiesel content the solution is a pleated cellulose filter medium. This offers the same high levels of filtration efficiency - 96% for particles larger than or equal to 4 μm.

The decision by the OEM to locate the filter immediately behind the headlight inspired UFI Filters to develop a "plug-and-play" solution for the VW Crafter which facilitates both initial installation and subsequent maintenance operations. To ensure optimum resistance to vibration, temperatures and mechanical stress, the body is made from extruded aluminium using double-bead laser welding. This technological solution is the result of extensive work by the UFI Filters Research & Development division.

"I am particularly proud to be supplying these solutions to Volkswagen, renewing our strong and long-lasting partnership with the brand, above all for a vehicle that is characterised by the cutting-edge technological solutions that it features", explained Luca Betti, Director of the UFI Group Aftermarket Business Unit. "The VW Crafter filter will be available in the aftermarket sector from the first half of 2018 - the first of its kind in the independent market - to the benefit of our entire supply chain," Betti said.

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